vendredi 7 décembre 2012

Back from the trial

Hello Readers,

Today, I am back from the propanolol for PTSD clinical trial. The day, unlike the first few days of the week, went very well and also, today was the start of the treatment arm of the clinical trial so I did not receive a placebo and I had some test to fill out.

At the beggining of the day, I did the electrophysiology test with many electrodes to measure my cardiac rythm and a few other thing. I did not receive the medication during that time and I had to listen to various stories, some relaxing as well as the story of my trauma.

Then, we moved to a different part of the hospital where I received the medication and had some test to do which I can't describe yet (I did not get their permission to write about the trial). That part was both hard on me as well as hard on the student handing me the test because I had to say out loud the events leading to my PTSD. After that, we took a moment to pause and we were done.

Finally, I asked the student if she would like to take a beer with me sometime; she said yes but after the clinical trial is done (last day being the 18th of January). Wish me luck :)


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