mercredi 26 décembre 2012

Public Service Announcement

Hello Readers,

I'm at a step of my life where I have a choice to make:

Keep drinking beer or go to med school.

In discussion with my doctor, I am near remission but the only thing refraining me to get my remission is my alcohol consumption. I drink on average, a 24 pack of beer a week and sometime, more. This beer consumption have negative effects on me and I had to increase (with the help of my psychiatrist) my sleep medication in order to get better sleep. It's also a drain on my limited finances and finally, I need to rebuild my cognitive capacity in order to face the studying load of med school.

Given that I'm 36, a possible concern was my age when I will be in med school so I spoke with Dr. Morton Ann Gersnbacher about that and the NIH has data showing many late applicant to med school in their 40's and she also mentionned an MD/PhD candidate who was well into his 50's. A conversation with my prof of chemistry had similar comments (though I don't know if his data was for canadian med school). The only variable required to do med school beside all the necessary admission criteria is to be sufficiently motivated to go throught. Motivation has been a problem for me in the past but I am working on it.

The plan is that I need to do a bachelor and it will be either BioPhysics at Concordia or else, Physical engineering at Polytechnics in Montreal. After that, I will do a master in psychiatry at McGill and then, the MD/PhD curriculum at McGill. I want to specialise in neuroimaging just like the publication I did many years ago.


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