lundi 14 janvier 2013

Happy Birthday Bro :)

Hello Readers,

I've been making a little cleanup in my life and the items I own. First, I stopped drinking and registered for a year of exercises at a gym and I've been applying to many labs (so far, without success) and Finally, I'm looking for a medical doctor to mentor me.

I've been known recently for my ability to make beer and thus, I had a lot of equipment for brewing beer which was worth a good amount but since I stopped drinking beer, I had no uses for these equipment except probably the strainer and the aluminum pot (making large batch of spaghetti).

Some week ago, I asked my middle brother if he wanted the equipment and he was interested but we haven't got around to preparing the equipment before last Friday and we were supposed to meet over the week-end but for some reason, he couldn't meet me.

Today was his birthday and he turned 38 years old. He came in town to have a supper with his daughter and after, he came here for his birthday gift. we loaded the kit in his car and a good shake of hands later, he was on his way home. He said he's probably gonna make some beer this week-end.

Happy birthday Bro and enjoy your kit :)


edit: some music for tonight:

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