samedi 25 mai 2013

Back from hiatus

Hello Readers,

Long time no see? yup. I wasn't busy or anything close to it but sometime, I get the blank sheet syndrome and I'm currently facing it now. I could write about Wakefield and his patent but the gist is that he committed fraud about the MMR vaccine in order to promote his version of a vaccine destined to prevent measles, mumps, rubella as well as crohn disease and "autistic entherocolitis" (patent here and list of patent here) and thus, he simply stood to make money from the lawyer who bring autistic child to review their bowel (Wakefield is an intestine doc after all) and also stood to make a royal load of money from big bad old pharma to bring his vaccine to market and treat a few millions autistic over the planet (ok, something need to be said about our desire to stay autistic but you can bet your ass off that even if the vaccine would cost 4000$ per dose, we'll be forced by any legal and moral mean to have the vaccines) until it doesn't work in which case, we'll be blamed, big bad old pharma will be blamed and Wakefield will play the victim (iow, business as usual). Is there anything more to add about Wakefield? No, he's simply a scumbag.

Other than that, I applied to do a bachelor of industrial engineering. After some deep thinking, I decided to lay off my project to be a medical doctor and instead, take care of my limits. As I said to a friend, it's possible to do an entire PhD on a blood cell while on the other hands, it takes an afternoon to draw a gearbox on autocad or solidworks. That doesn't mean I won't do a PhD after all but instead, I can do it while working in a company. I also get to do internships in companies during my bachelor.

That's pretty much all for the news :)


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