mercredi 19 juin 2013

The previous post made me think...

Hello Readers,

It dawned on my that I have nine books about probability, statistics and their various applications including data mining (and only for this one, I have 3) and it is a subject matter that I find really interesting; especially medical statistics. I am left wondering if I should pursue a career dealing with big data because this is what I enjoy the most.

There are two pathway (at Montreal University) that I can choose to get there, the first one being a bachelor in bio-informatics and the second one being a bachelor in statistics. In my case, I'll choose the third options: doing the bachelor in bioinformatics which contain 2 or 3 math courses and then, do all the statistic course there is in the bachelor in statistics along with their prerequisite (36 credit of stats courses and 6 or 9 credit of math courses at most).

The reason of my choice to go at Montreal University is that it's a big research university with some good program and I will be able to  round-trip Sherbrooke to Montreal with a friend who's looking to do a bachelor there in two years. We will do it part-time and arrange our schedule to have our courses on the same day. In the meantime, I will work on my prerequisite course over the next 2 years while she takes care of her baby. I also plan to get my drivers license to be able to drive on the commute.


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