samedi 27 juillet 2013


Hello Readers,

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Tonight, I learned a few scientific details about alcohol addiction and the basic gist is that, the acetaldehyde hydrogenase enzyme is not working well causing a buildup of of tetrahydroisoquinolines in the brain and this is responsible for the craving we have after ingesting an alcoholic beverage.

I'll leave the post as that and will continue after a good night.


update for today:

Hello Readers,

Today's a slow day; I woke up late, called the middle brother (I'm the youngest) and we went to the Siboire. I took the usual coccinelle (no alcohol) and the bro took 2 different beers. We have the usual chitchat about jobs, recent news, etc... After a moment of silence, I chat about my head of chemistry prof at Bishop's for whom I'd like to visit his lab (he's doing research on beer everything related to beer including the product itself).

The brother, having a background of welding (he has a professional degree) and entrepreneurship (he has a bachelor), ponder at the thought of making his tanks to start a microbrewery. He ask me how much would it cost to make his tank and I think of Sherbroue at the university of Sherbrooke which has an undisclosed amount of money invested in their equipment but which I know the answer and it's not cheap. The thing is, he is working in a shop making stainless steel trailer for liquid transport so he could get the equipment done there and in my case, I have so many friends working in the brewing industry that I would have no problems getting plans drafted for the equipment and for cheap.

There's a cause for concern...While I can invest some time and money getting the ideas on papers, if I embark on the project, I can't brew or work there on the production of beer and my role would have to remain at the advisory level. Brewing beer or doing research on beer recipes is far from the problems because it's just an intellectual exercise (which I thrive on them) and there's no alcohol involved but the problem lies in the continuous production because I have access to the finished product and it's too dangerous.

In any case, this entrepreneurship discussion is a rush to the head because I actually enjoy discussing on such a project and thinking about it, I can see why; first, I can speak with my brother about this and it won't be over his head like what happen with neuroscience talk; second, we're both entrepreneurs and third, I wouldn't discount the effect of a craving and the THIQ¹ stuff.

¹== tetrahydroisoquinolines.


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