mercredi 28 août 2013


Hello Readers,

Excuse me for the 4 weeks hiatus, I'm recovering from an acute appendectomy which happened 3 days after my previous post. During the 9 days I spent at the hospital and especially the last 4 days I've been remotely conscious, I had time to think...think about a lot of things.

The first thing I thought (indirectly) about was my immediate future. It turned out I had to see a lot of personnel at the hospital and I've asked one of the licensed practical nurse (LPN) about their work; I have yet to receive an answer from them but the next time I get back at the hospital, I'll go visit the surgery aisle in order to inquire again. For the moment, I'm doing my distance certificate in law and I have applied for the wait list for the nursing course in preparation for next year.

The trigger for the nursing program was my medicine book about clinical exams, there were lot of personnel for which doing a clinical exam was part of their job, not just surgeons (or any other medical doctor) and I figured out that the easiest way to start a career in medicine may well be that one year nursing program after which, I'll apply for a nursing job with the intent of working in an operating room.

The work shift of a LPN at the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Sherbrooke (CHUS) is a 3 days work shift with 8 hours per day and the paygrade start at around 20$/hour leaving plenty of time to do something else the rest of the week and thus, I plan to do a bachelor using distance education. The topic of my bachelor isn't that important but taking care of the prerequisite for a Master of Science and a PhD in psychiatry (not the residency) at McGill school of medicine plus the M.D.C.M. and a residency in internal medicine should be my goal in selecting the bachelor. There are 2 universities offering good distance programs: the first one, Laval university in Quebec and the second is Athabasca university in Alberta which has a bachelor in Health Science. Actually, I tend to lean on the Health Science program by Athabasca university despite its higher cost which may be twice as high as the cost of studying at Laval university.

As for all the McGill schooling, I intend to start that in 12 years in order to have 10 years of saving done to pay for my living while I study. You might wonder when I am going to retire and the reality is that, I don't plan to retire fully. During my retirement (which may be right after the MD/PhD), I plan to serve in community clinic part-time (probably 3 or 4 days per week) serving a disadvantaged population including at least, the homeless, the immigrants, peoples with addictions, peoples with disabilities...basically, any peoples needing a safety net and who deserve being helped without condescension. Just like I have been helped so far by the right people.


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