dimanche 6 octobre 2013

Jobs, part one of....

Hello Readers,

Next year, I'll be on the job market. Matter of fact, I'm currently in school in a trade college learning computer programming on the Microsoft platform even though for my final project, it will be to implement Google's Map/Reduce algorithm on Adapteva's parallella platform using a custom made Linux From Scratch distribution.

For this serie, I plan on rebuilding my resume to make it a lot more professional looking and to do that task, this will be a weekly serie of my first job to my last one and I intend to write about what I learned. Also, a natural extension of the serie will be to make another serie of blog post on my education and naturally, everything which can be found in a resume.

Network Administrator

Here, I was client of a small internet service provider. I was familiar with the Debian 2.1 Linux platform at the time, running it and previous version since 1997 and we where in 1999. I had an old pentium 66Mhz computer with 32MB of ram and a 6.4GB hard drive which was fairly recent at that time and a 33.6 modem.

One day, we can't dial into the system so I call and inquire about what happened and the woman at the end of the line tell me they have a problem with their server which will be soon resolved. I tell her, if they need a hand, just let me know and I can give a looksee.

During the evening, she call back at 9pm and ask me if I could see the server; I tell her to come as soon as possible and I go see the server. Turned out the hard drive is dead. We get back home, I pull the hard drive from my computer and go back. A bit of hesitation later, I install my hard drive into the pentium pro 180Mhz computer and proceed to rebuild the server using my floppy disks of Debian 2.1 while she go off to take care of her anxiety. That day finishes at 3am.

During the next 4 days, I set out to rebuild the server along with another technician doing things remotely and we divide the tasks according to what I can do, which is everything except configuring sendmail, radius and the terminal server box which is used to accept incoming connection from the clients.

From that job, I learned how to keep my cool under stress and I also learned how it is to run an ISP. As for the server configuration, it was known territory (account creation, pop mail access, web server configuration and a few other nitpick).

Today, there are many internet service provider but they buy their services from two major provider (true in most region of Quebec) which are Videotron and Bell for end-user equipment and connectivity. I don't think this is a market where I have the kidney strength needed to build a business in.


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