dimanche 17 novembre 2013

The voice....

Hello Readers,

We nearly had a car accident tonight. I was coming back from a day of work in the forest with a friend and after a nice supper and a good chat with his wife, she brought me back home and we discussed about many things during the ride. Upon making a turn on my street, there was a car racing toward us who put on the brakes as to lock the wheels (the car had a lousy abs system). We did not turn on my street because of the cars so we went a bit further on the other street and made our way back to my street and into my entrance.

We where chatting a bit more in the driveway about my little voice (or my intuition) which I need to listen more to. For many years, that little voice was telling me to stay single and not have any dependant relationship and matter of fact, my personality is very much like that. the first occasion where it told me that was during a trip to new york city back in 1998. I was with both of my brothers and I had the job to read the map and interpret it. I failed at the job so we finally recruited the help of a homeless who sold Beethoven disk who helped us get out of the town. These occasion where I feel responsible of the safety of peoples surrounding me are very draining and I felt that way for all my life and thus, when bad times come to shove, I vastly prefer to bear them alone as compared with someone for whom I will feel responsible; and I'm powerless on that feeling of responsibility.

At a time while we are on the parking lot driveway, we notice a plymouth racing in reverse toward us at full speed; the wife of my friend press on the horn and he escape us by almost a feet (which is small). In front of the plymouth, we notice the red cavalier who nearly hit us and both cars where racing on the street. The wife ask me if it's a rough burrough (sp?) around here, I answer no, it's very quiet and then, she suggest a failed drug transaction which makes a lot of sense. I call the police and tell them about both cars and they tell me the will be on the lookout.

My little voice for now is telling me that they will be coming back and I already imagine the worst scenario and I'm thinking about her and also, my brother because they both have the same make of car and color and also, the red cavalier took a very long look at us which pretty much felt like an eternity.

I'm worried but not for me.


2 commentaires:

  1. Sometimes one's inner voice is one's best guide. I am glad you were not hurt in the near-collisions you described.

  2. Thanks you very much Phil :)