mardi 8 avril 2014

New Election yesterday

Hello, customary readers,

I'm not sure I fully digested the Quebec provinces election tonight. Basically, the liberal party won a majority (70 seats out of 125) because they hammered 3 points: the separatists (of which, I disclose I am one but at the most stringent conditions), the "plan nord" and the exploitation of petrol in anticosti. They rely on the later two to bring income to the state, which is okay but I'll digress, especially because they give lots and lots to companies, investing in them and getting piecemeal result (the companies finance the political party in return...)

As for the Coalition Avenir Quebec, the rafted 22 seats (out of 125)  using 24% of the votes. It's not the party I voted for but in retrospect, I could have voted for it. They have sane policies but they are no different than the liberal, exploiting petrol and mining (plan nord).

the biggest loser of tonight have been the Quebecois party. They still have about 30 seats out of a possible 125 (using 25% of the vote) but then, their prime minister have lost in tonight election.

Quebec Solidaire, my party, although I don't know if I'll continue to be member have 3 seats with 7% of the votes.

Essentially, they all sucks but QS sucks less than the others. My Friend and I have sent a manifesto to QS in the first few days of the election and QS decided to not act on them. The manifesto was designed to increase Quebec's financial situation by nationalizing a number of transformation of the rich ressources we have. QS instead, prefer to increase the debt load of the province.

I still voted QS but actually, I could have voted for the lesser known political party for which, our guidelines would be more accepted.

My friend is not far off from starting a political party but this will lead to further divisions of the vote. In any case, I hope that QS will wake up and start to propose some much needed revenus increase with our works.


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